Ten Things That Every Tenant Needs To Know About Bed Bugs

If you rent or share an apartment or home with others, there are things that you need to know about bed bugs. Bed bugs are tricky pests that can go undetected long enough to implement a full-blown infestation. Quick response and professional bed bug control are key in getting rid of these annoying intruders.

Ten things that anyone who rents should know about bed bugs are:

1.      You are at risk. Anyone who shares living quarter with others or in places where others have lived is at an increased risk of bed bugs.

2.      They are tough. Bed bugs can live a long time without food or biting anyone.

3.      They travel with you. You can also bring bed bugs home after traveling and staying elsewhere for the night, often in your suitcase.

4.      They are good at hiding. Bed bugs hide in clothing, bedding, furniture, and your mattress creases, but also hide in cracks and crevices, like outlets and light switch plates.

5.      Bites don't show up immediately. Know that bed bug bites don't emerge until days after you have been bitten so these pests may go undetected for a bit.

6.      They smell musty. Bed bugs exude a musty, slightly unusual scent.

7.      You are not in danger. Bed bugs don't pose a serious medical threat or risk of disease but treat your itching bites with antiseptic cream to prevent infection. Use an antihistamine if you have allergies or to prevent itching.

8.      They leave blood behind. You may notice small spots of rust-colored blood where bed bugs have been, like on furniture or your bedding. They leave this waste behind after they have bitten somebody.

9.      Scratching can lead to infection. While you don't have to worry about serious disease, the bites can cause skin issues and conditions due to excessive scratching.

10.  Bed bugs don't imply your home is dirty. Bed bugs doesn't mean the home is dirty or unkempt; these clever pests are simply good at moving in and taking over unsuspecting people's homes.

If you suspect your apartment or rental is infested with bed bugs, don't waste time. Call the landlord and pest control professionals as soon as possible.

If you rent, you are at increased risk of bed bugs. For this reason, arm yourself with some basic knowledge about this stubborn pest so that you can identify a problem or issue as soon as it arises.

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