3 Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of An Insect Infestation

Do you have roaches or other insects invading your home? Are you concerned about the diseases that they might spread? Although there are some insect species that are cleaner than others, most of them are capable of carrying one form of disease or another. In addition, you undoubtedly don't want their bodies or feces contaminating your kitchen even if they are relatively clean.

No matter what type of insect you have, getting rid of them can be somewhat daunting at times. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps, you can definitely get rid of them in a relatively timely manner. Some things you'll want to do include the following. 

1. Contact a professional: Different species may have vastly different methods of extermination. For instance, the differences between black crazy ants and carpenter ants may not be obvious to the layperson, but the two ants don't consume the same types of food, have different habitats, and laying down insecticide in an area meant to kill off one type may not have any effect on the other. With professional pest services, the employees are trained in insect identification and will know not only what chemicals to use but also where to spray and to place bait stations for maximum effect.

2. Clean out your garage/attic: Stacks of cardboard boxes can provide both food and shelter for many species of insect. Roaches, termites, and carpenter ants may all consume cardboard while most other insects will be more than happy to use a box as a nesting site. In order to help the pest services eliminate the problem as quickly as possible, it's a good idea to reorganize any areas that contain stacks of seldom-moved cardboard boxes. Either throw out the contents entirely or transfer them to airtight plastic bins so that they will be safe from any insect pests. 

3. Install weatherstripping: Not only does weatherstripping help keep your utility bills lower, when properly installed it can help prevent insects from entering your home. Small insects may still be able to force themselves in via the tiny cracks that can sometimes be found at the ends of the weather stripping around your windows and doors, but this is vastly better than allowing them wholesale entry.

By restricting exactly where insects can enter and leave your home, this will help the pest services professionals to concentrate their efforts on these small spots rather than having to make a general effort and hope that some insects don't slip by anyway.

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