Why You Need Regular Pest Control Treatments for Your Office Building

It may seem like pests are the least of your worries in an office building, but insects and rodents are actually a constant threat. Regular treatment from a pest control company is the way to ensure bothersome pests stay under control. Here's why it's vital to take pest control measures in an office building.

People Attract Pests

There is debris left behind that attracts insects and rodents in any place that people gather. Workers may keep snacks in their desk drawers that leave crumbs and odors that draw pests. The employee kitchen and break area where the staff has meals will harbor enticing odors and food that attracts roaches and mice. People can even carry bugs into the office. Bed bugs can ride in on clothing, or a bag can carry in roaches.

Pests Are Destructive

It may not be possible to completely eliminate every bug from your office since they can come inside every day, but you can control their numbers so they don't destroy your property. Roaches and silverfish like to hide in paper documents and they can ruin them.

If your building develops a roach or rodent problem, a foul odor could permeate the space. Rodents not only smell bad and chew up paper items, but they can also chew on wiring and wood to create hazards in the building. To top it off, bugs and rodents carry a number of different germs that can be passed on to humans.

Pests Make Your Company Look Bad

Although the cleanest buildings may have a roach scurrying across the floor, the sight of bugs in your building can cause your clients to think badly of you. Your employees won't want to work in a building that has bugs in it either. Regular pest control treatments keep bugs that wander in from multiplying into full-blown infestations.

The residual spray leaves pesticide behind that kills wandering bugs that find their way into your building. In addition to having spray treatments and using baits as needed, a pest control company can recommend actions such as sealing around windows and pipes so bugs can't get inside as easily. This makes your indoor environment as free from bugs as possible.

Depending on the type of building you have and where it's located, you might need commercial pest control treatments once a month. The pest control company can help you choose the right frequency for regular treatments, but you can also call for added treatments if you suspect mice are in the building or notice an increase in bugs.

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