3 Essential Tips For Eliminating Ants From Your Home

Is your home suffering from an ant invasion? Do you feel like you're living inside of an ant nest instead of inside your own home? Although ants will take up residence in messy homes with lots of spilled crumbs, they are also often just as happy to move into a home that is relatively spotless and gets regular cleanings. Once they've moved in, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them as they seem to invade every nook and cranny in your home. But there are definitely things you can do to make you feel less like tearing your own hair out. These things include:

Hire a professional: At first glance, most ants will look identical to the average person. Although ants come in three basic colors of red, black/brown, and yellow, there are different species of ant that will otherwise look the same. For instance, pharaoh ants are often yellow but may also be a brownish color can make them look like black crazy ants, especially if you don't want to get too close. But black crazy ants and pharaoh ants are not the same and this is where a pest control service comes in. They will be able to identify the type of ant that you have and take appropriate action depending on the species. 

Repackage your kitchen: Ants can have extremely powerful jaws. Although you might be most familiar with them scavenging crumbs from a sidewalk, their jaws make them more than capable of chewing through many types of plastic or cardboard containers, including Mylar packaging. The only things that are really safe from ants getting inside are airtight plastic & glass jars and canned goods. Your pest control service will have a hard time dealing with ants if you are inadvertently feeding them, so either repackage your food into smaller airtight containers or else use a single large airtight plastic tote to keep ants out. Enhance your chances of keeping ants out by using tape to seal the tote when it is closed.

No baits: Although poisoned baits can seem like a good excuse to not have to call your local pest control service, they may be useless or actually make things worse. Some species of ants can have multiple queens in the same nest. By feeding the wrong type of poison to the colony, you may kill off some of the workers and a queen or two but you'll leave the workers and queen(s) that are immune or that are at least highly resistant. By continuing to feed this same bait, which typically contains sugar or other nutritious substances to entice the colony to eat the bait, you'll actually be providing sustenance to the colony and making it stronger instead of weaker.

Contact a service, like Southern Greens Pest Control, for more help.

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