3 Essential Tips For Eliminating A Mouse Or Rat Problem

Do you suspect that you have rats or mice living in your home? Are you planning to go out to get some stuff from the store to get rid of your infestation? Both rats and mice may move into a relatively clean home if they feel that the place offers them other advantages. This can make them extremely difficult to eradicate, but it is by no means an impossible feat. By following a few simple steps, it should be a relatively short time until your rodent issue is under control. The most important things you need to do are as follows:

Get professional assistance: Don't assume you know what type of rodents you're dealing with until you consult with a professional. You may think that you have field mice but you actually have rats, or vice versa. Although there may be some overlap in tools and methods, rat control methods may be ineffective against mice and trying to get rid of mice when you have rats can be an exercise in futility. A professional will be able to confirm exactly what type of rodents are plaguing you and will be able to set up a plan tailored to this species.

Look for openings: This isn't always easy, but it is an essential part of mice and rat control. Both rats and mice can squeeze through tiny openings that you might not even be able to fit a finger into. Go around the outside of your home and look for any cracks in your exterior that are the diameter of a pencil or larger. Mark these locations with blue painter's tape or some other obvious but temporary means. When you meet with the professional, you can show him or her these locations and find out how you can either seal them off or lay traps nearby to prevent future incursions. 

Fix leaks: All animals need to drink, and both mice and rats are no exception. Although they may be able to subsist on rainwater or water from a neighbor's home, having a plumber fix your leaky faucets and keeping your toilet tightly closed can be an essential part of your rat control plan. The more inhospitable your home seems to be, the less likely that any wandering rodents are likely to move in. When combined with the help of a professional exterminator, your home will soon be free of whatever rodent pests used to dwell there.

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