Learn What Attracts Ants

Getting rid of ants in your yard or house can be a difficult job. Once the ants find stuff they like, they will keep returning with more ants while you continue trying to find ways to get rid of them for good. Since they generally like to focus on the kitchen, bathroom, and garden, you more than likely won't feel comfortable using strong over-the-counter poisons. This leaves you in even more of a dilemma. This article will help you learn what attracts ants, so you can hopefully prevent them from bothering you to begin with.

Ants look for sweets

Ants are attracted to sweet foods, but you shouldn't mistake this to mean they will attack your bag of sugar. In fact, the ants will likely choose to go for a glass of juice sitting next to a bag of table sugar. You'll find they like sticky sweets and they will come in for the smallest amount. Something as small as a sucker stick with traces of the candy still on it can bring in mounds of ants. This is why it's so important to mop regularly, even if your floors look clean to you.

Ants look for protein

Ants may not be bodybuilders, but they have still developed a liking for protein foods. Things like cheese and milk can draw in a big crowd of ants. While you're making sure you don't leave cookie crumbs around, you also need to watch out for that last bite of your ham and cheese sandwich you left sitting on the counter.

Ants look for carbs

What good is protein without some carbs? Ants also have a liking for carbs and this means you can be in big trouble if you happen to leave cracker or bread crumbs on the counter or if they fall on the floor. Since bread and cracker items are known for leaving crumbs. This means you'll have your work cut out for you keeping ants away if you have kids who are known for leaving crumbs behind.

Ants come to claim dead ants

While it may be tempting to squish that one little ant you find in your house, be aware that an injured or deceased ant will put out a pheromone which alerts nearby ants to go into attack mode. The ants have a 'no ant left behind' way of living and they will come into your home to retrieve the injured or deceased ant. Therefore, when you kill an ant in your home, you want to pick it up and then kill it or clean the area well with vinegar and water afterward.

If you've tried eliminating all of the above problems, and you still have ants, it's time to contact a professional pest control service like Good News Pest Solutions.

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