Getting The Bugs Out: Pest Control Tips For Your Garage

Keeping pests out of your garage may prove to be a bit more difficult than keeping them out of your home. Gaps underneath the garage door can create a path into the structure, and there are also other ways pests can gain access. If you are looking for ways to prevent infestations in your garage, here are some helpful tips you can use.

Seal Your Trash

If you keep trash bins in the garage until garbage day, you'll want to make sure they are secured. While keeping them in the garage can prevent raccoons and other large pests from getting in, the bins are still vulnerable in your garage. Make sure your garbage containers have snug-fitting lids, and keep trash bagged inside as an added layer of protection. Choose thick, tear-resistant bags instead of thin bags that can be easily ripped open. If your trash collection company requires that recycling be placed in the cans without being bagged, be sure that all containers are cleaned thoroughly before you dispose of them. This will help ensure there are no food particles to tempt pests.

Ditch The Cardboard

Your garage can serve as a great storage space for your home, but using cardboard boxes can invite unwanted pests. Mice and other rodents can feed on the cellulose found in the boxes, and they can also use the boxes as nesting grounds. Instead, opt for plastic storage bins with lids to help keep pests out. If your garage can support it, consider adding a rack system to the rafters. This keeps your storage containers off of the floor and out of reach for some pests.

Sweep Often

Pests thrive in messy environments. They can take cover in piles of leaves and other debris that can make its way into your garage. Sweeping the floor often can help prevent pests from finding a place to take cover. This is true for pest insects as well as pest animals. Consider scheduling one day each week to thoroughly sweep the garage. You can also use this time to remove any cobwebs and spider webs you might see in the corners.

Keep Food Out

While it might be tempting to put a refrigerator or chest freezer in the garage, or to even store some snacks on a shelf for whenever you're hungry, it's a good idea to keep food out. The more food sources you have available for pests in the garage, the more likely you are to get a few unwelcome visitors. If you do need to keep a fridge or freezer in the garage, check the cords and the back of the appliances frequently to look for signs of chewing. Rodents can chew their way through the cords and even into the appliances to get at the food stored inside.

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