Treating Bed Bugs: What You Need To Do

Bed bugs can be found in clean homes, or in messy ones. They don't have a preference in the type of home you have or even the neighborhood you live in. Your home could have bed bugs, and you may not realize you have them. You also may not realize that you've brought them home after your last vacation from that nice hotel where you stayed. If you have bed bugs, you need to get rid of them before they migrate to other areas of your home and you have an infestation.

Find The Problem Areas

Start with your bedroom first and take a close inspection of your mattress. This is one of the most common areas, but not the only place bed bugs can be located in your home. Start here first and if you find them on the mattress, look at the bed frame and the furniture surrounding the bed such as the nightstand (inside and out), as well as any decorative wall hangings, outlets near the bed and the ceiling fan. Bed bugs are very small and are the size of an apple seed and are a reddish-brown color.

If you've found them throughout the bedroom, move onto the next room. Continue looking in each room and inspect them all for these bugs. If you've found them in every room of your house, you have an infestation and should call an exterminator that specializes in bed bugs.

Start Evicting The Pests

Once you've identified the areas where the bed bugs have set up their homes, it's time to evict them from your home. Again, if they are everywhere in your home, it's best to hire a specialist to remove these pests. If you aren't comfortable trying to get rid of them at all (whether you've found a few or a lot), then hire a professional to help you.

If you feel comfortable trying to remove these pests yourself, get to work. You'll want to vacuum every inch of the area (including the mattress), then wipe down all of your furniture with a cleaning product. Kill any bugs you encounter and be sure to empty the vacuum cleaner outside of your home. Wipe down every outlet, baseboard, light fixture, and wall hanging you find in that room. Pick up anything on the floor that doesn't belong there. Then place your mattress in a mattress bag to keep it protected against these pests in the future. Spray the room with a pesticide or use diatomaceous earth around the room. 

Stay Vigilant

After you think you've gotten rid of these pests, it's important to not let your guard down. Stay vigilant against these bugs in case you didn't get them all the first time. If you keep seeing bed bugs or spot them in other areas of your home, you should hire a pro to get rid of them for you properly.

If you have spotted bed bugs in your home, get started right away and get rid of them. Call in a company like Premier Termite & Pest Control for help to ensure these bugs are gone for good.

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