Three Signs Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the worst types of pests that you can have in your home, since they can carry a wide number of diseases and can mate rapidly, which can quickly turn a small population into a full blown infestation. Understanding some of the early warning signs associated with the presence of cockroaches within your home can help you identify problems early so that you can have a pest control specialist treat your home before they can multiply into a serious problem.

An Overpowering Smell

One of the first warning signs associated with the presence of cockroaches in your home is if you notice a strong, earthy smell that permeates most of your home but will not disappear no matter how much you clean. It's important to note that the smell of cockroaches is quite potent, and even just a few cockroaches in your home can produce a smell that overpowers most other smells in your home – so it's fairly hard to confuse with another unpleasant smell.


Another clear sign of cockroaches in your home is the presence of droppings. Cockroaches eat organic matter, which can include everything from food waste to newspapers. Cockroach droppings take on the appearance of small oval pellets or balls, but they usually come in massive quantities due to the voracious appetite that cockroaches have. Droppings will usually be left in the areas around where they feed, so pay attention to your kitchen, bathroom, and storage closets, as well as any other areas that may have access to potential food and water sources.

Egg Casings

Finally, one last common sign that you need to keep your eyes out for when it comes to cockroaches is the presence of egg casings. Since cockroaches reproduce so quickly, they do not make use of single eggs, but instead large and long cases that can range in color from an off-white to a brownish hue. These egg casings are usually laid in dark and out of the way places, like under furniture, within cabinets or behind appliances. However, they are likely to be spread all over your home, which means that finding them should not be too hard if you actually do have cockroaches in your home. Avoid touching them, as they may have cockroaches inside and can also carry a number of diseases. Instead, contact a pest removal specialist, such as from Carroll Exterminating Company, as soon as you spot an egg casing.  

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