They're Not Gone: 3 Reasons You Need Winter Pest Control Services

Now that winter is here, and the weather has gotten colder, you might have decided to discontinue your pest control services until spring. While that might save you some money right now, in the long-run, that decision could end up causing more problems – and costing you more money. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to continue with your pest control services year-round – even during the winter.

1. Keep Your Home on the Service Schedule

If you're on a service schedule, that schedule will be interrupted when you discontinue services during the winter. Unfortunately, that means you may need to wait for an opening in the schedule once spring arrives. The best way to ensure you spot on the service schedule is to continue treatment through the winter. As an added benefit, your home will maintain the proper pesticide levels, which will make it easier to control the pests once spring arrives.

2. Avoid Infestations of Winter Pests

When it comes to winter weather, you might think that pests go away once the weather turns cold. That may be true of some pests. However, other pests come out of the woodwork as soon as the temperatures start to drop. This includes the wild pests, such as squirrels and raccoons, that start looking for warm places to nest for the winter. Not only that, but you may still have a problem with roaches during the winter. To stay on top of the winter pest infestations, maintain pest control services throughout the winter weather.

3. Ensure Rapid Protection Against Spring Pests

When you stop seeing spiders and ants during the winter, you might reach the conclusion that they've all died off. That's not actually the case. Pests like spiders and ants just go into hiding during the winter. They need to keep warm while the weather is cold. Once spring arrives, and the weather warms up, those pests are going to come out quickly. If you've discontinued your pest control services during the winter, the infestations will begin before you get a chance to have your first spring pest control treatment. When you continue services during the winter, warm-weather pests don't have a chance to infest your home once spring arrives.

Don't sell yourself short on the pest control. Maintain the protection you need against household pests by continuing your pest control services throughout the winter months. Contact a service, like Environmental Services Pest Control, for more help.

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