3 Totally Untrue Termite Myths

If you're a homeowner, hearing the word "termite" sends shivers down your spine. There is a lot of information floating around the internet and out of your friend's and family's mouths about the dangers of termite infestations. Most of the information you've heard is based on outdated information and misconceptions about this common pest.

Here are three of the most common myths about termites that are untrue.

My House is Made from Brick and Concrete So It's Safe From Termites

I was smart and purchased a home constructed from brick that sits on a concrete foundation, so I'm safe from termite infestations, right? Unfortunately, even if your home is made from sturdy bricks, it is still held up by a wood frame. Termites aren't strong enough to chew through brick or concrete. However, they can squeeze through the tiny holes and cracks that form on concrete and brick.

It's just as important to have a brick home inspected and regularly treated to prevent a termite infestation as it is for a home built entirely from wood.

All Types of Termites Destroy Houses

Not all varieties of termites will damage your home. According to the New York Times, of the 3,000 species of termites across the world, only a few types will eat you out of house and home. The rest are actually beneficial because they eat decaying wood and enrich the soil.

Depending on where you live, there are three different types of termites that will invade your home: dampwood, drywood, or subterranean.

Subterranean termites live in every state except Alaska and cause the most damage to homeowners each year. Dampwood termites are less common in homes, especially those in arid and hot climates, because they prefer damp, untreated wood.

Treating My Home Will Push Termites into My Neighbor's Home

Finally, if you spend the money to have your home treated for termites, they will not simply move on to your neighbor's home in search of food. A single termite colony can be enormous, and chances are, if one home in your neighborhood is infested with termites, all the homes near it are also dealing with the damage caused by termites.

When you treat your home for termites, the targeted chemicals will kill the termites and their eggs on your property. If your neighbor complains of termites, it is not because you caused the spread by treating your home.

From the idea that all termites will destroy your home to the safety that comes with owning a brick home, there are several myths and misconceptions about termites. For more information, contact a company like E & R Exterminating Company, Inc.

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