All Natural Rodent Control: What It Is, How It Works, And Why It Works

If killing rats and mice in your home makes you equally or more squeamish than seeing these pests in your home, then you may need a type of rodent control offered by only a handful of exterminators. It is an all-natural approach to rodent control. Here is more info on what it consists of, how it works, and why it works.


​Mice and rodents have many predators. Cats and dogs both will capture and kill mice and rats. Additionally, there are certain breeds of dogs that are specifically trained to root out rats and kill them so that the families of these dogs are protected. Snakes are another natural predator often kept as a pet. Outside, mice and rats are in danger when there are birds of prey in the air, such as eagles, owls, and hawks. Ergo, part of the solution for all-natural pest control is having one or more predators be in or near your home. 

If you do not currently have a pet, consider adopting or fostering an animal. If you do not want to keep cats or dogs, but you like having them around for the protection against rodents, foster the animals. You would not only be preventing pests from entering your home and causing damage and disease, but you would also be providing a charitable service for animals. If you are allergic to most furry creatures, consider buying or adopting a snake.

A boa or python is an excellent choice, since they would quickly root out where the rats and mice are, eat a live dinner, and they would never bite you or hurt you. (You might have to re-home them when they become enormous, but that will take a while.) Indoor predators have a tendency to push rodents into going outdoors, where predators in the wild will be waiting to grab a meal.

​Predators Track Sounds and Smells

All of the mice and rats' natural predators listed above are able to track smells and smell trails left behind by the rodents. They can hear the pests in the walls, and they will track them and lay in wait for the pests to appear. If the pests are too afraid to come out of hiding, they will go outside, where other predators can easily spot the pests and grab them in their talons or claws. 

Why This Type of Pest Control Works

​Have you ever been in a house where there should be mice or rats? An example is a particularly messy house, or a farmhouse where mice and rats are common. However, the pests do not appear to be in the house when cats and dogs are inside. That is because the smell of their predators causes the pests to stay away. Since the predators can also smell the pests, it makes things very difficult for the pests to return and follow their own urine trails to food. 

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