Roach Treatments That Keep The Pests From Infesting Your Home

Roaches are common house pests, and they can be difficult to get rid of. Roaches are good at hiding, and they multiply fast. They may even be resistant to DIY pesticides you use. The best way to get rid of roaches and to keep an infestation from growing is to have professional pest control treatments. Here are some ways to deal with roaches in your home.

Use Glue Traps To Monitor For Roaches

If you see one or two roaches in your kitchen, you probably have a lot more that are scurrying around out of sight. You can leave glue traps around to catch roaches that walk across them. If you see a lot of roaches in the trap, then you know you have a bigger roach problem than you thought. Glue traps can also be used to kill roaches, but if you have a large infestation, they won't be effective on their own.

Leave Out Bait Traps

You can leave bait traps around to kill roaches. These work when a roach gets in the poison bait and then goes back to the nest to die. Other roaches eat the poison bug and are also killed. The downside to bait traps is you have to place them in hidden places where they might not be the most effective if you want to keep them out of sight of guests. Plus, traps may be tempting for kids and pets to play with.

Remove Food And Water

Getting rid of food and water isn't a quick way to get rid of roaches, but it will keep from attracting more from the outside. Roaches are attracted to water and dampness so be sure areas under your sink and refrigerator are dry. Keep your food sealed and vacuum crumbs so the roaches won't be attracted by the aroma of food.

Use Pesticides

Pesticides are the quickest way to kill off roaches, but the best results are obtained from professional treatments. A pest control service applies the pesticide safely so your family, food, and pets are safe. Plus, professionals have different products than you can buy at the store so they can be more effective, especially when the roaches are resistant to store-bought pesticides. If you want to keep roaches away for good, have the professional treatments on the schedule recommended by the pest control expert. You might carry roaches home or a few may wander in from outside, but you won't have to worry about a full-blown infestation when you have regular treatments that leave residual pesticide behind.

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