Preparing For A Pest Control Service Visit

Whether you have discovered mice, insects, or small wild animals inside or near your home or business, finding a way to rid your property of nuisances quickly and effectively is a must. Many people contact pest control companies to handle the eradication, relocation, and/or prevention of pests of all types. Here are some steps to take before a pest control service visit.

Inquire About Products Used If You Are Concerned

If you are wary about the use of pesticides near your family, pets, or employees, ask pest control services about the products they regularly use for the type of pest problem you are dealing with. Many pest control services provide green products, which means they are considered safe to be around on a daily basis. These products may cost a bit more to apply, but they give you the peace of mind that those who come into contact with the agents used will not suffer from any type of health risk.

Find Out How Long The Process Usually Takes

If you plan on being home or at work when a pest control service tends to the issue you are experiencing, you may wonder exactly how long they intend on sticking around to perform their job. This depends on what type of pest you are controlling. If you have a mouse or insect problem, an application of a pesticide and the placement of traps is usually enough for success. If you are dealing with bats in your attic or a raccoon that had made its way into your basement, the process can take longer as the pest control service needs to trap the animal or animals. Some pests require subsequent visits from the service to check on the progress of the problem, such as when dealing with termites. Knowing how long the issue usually takes allows you to plan accordingly.

Gather Clues For The Service To Evaluate

You may see mice night after night in your home or business. Perhaps you have noticed discarded wings or remnants of deceased insects. Any trace that pests leave behind are clues to their whereabouts and locations. Take photographs of any damage that occurs in your home as a result of a pest, as well as pests, body parts, or excrement. This is beneficial to those working at battling a pest problem as they will have a better idea about where pests are hiding out inside of your structure or on your property.

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