Managing a Wild Hog Problem for Your Property

Wild hogs can be a major problem for your property, but you may not be taking the steps that are needed to effectively control this problem. While individuals often assume that hog problems will be limited to very rural areas, commercial development has continued to encroach on their habitats, which can lead to more suburban residents encountering these pests.

Appreciate The Threat That Hogs Pose To Your Property

Individuals that are not familiar with wild hogs may fail to appreciate the extent of the damage that these pests will be able to cause. These animals are excellent diggers, which can allow them to quickly destroy flower and vegetable gardens. Additionally, some wild hogs can be surprisingly aggressive, which can increase the risk of your family members or pets suffering significant injuries if they are out in the yard.

Use Fencing To Limit The Hogs' Ability To Enter Your Property

One of the most basic and effective options for preventing a wild hog problem from developing with your property is to invest in having a fence installed around the perimeter. These fences can be extremely effective at stopping wild hogs from venturing onto your property. However, you will want to make sure that these fences extend at least several inches into the ground to discourage the hogs from attempting to dig under the fence.  While wild hogs may not be known for their jumping ability, they might be able to scale a fence that is near a tree stump or other object that they could use to climb or jump over the top of the fence. Being aware of this potential can help you with identifying items that should be moved away from the fence.

Hire A Professional Hog Trapping Service

Once wild hogs have infiltrated your property, removing them will have to be a priority. These animals are extremely strong and fairly clever, which can lead to the need to use specialized traps to be able to effectively capture these animals. Hiring a professional hog trapping service to remove these animals from your property can be a necessary investment for eliminating this problem while also avoiding the need to use poisons to eliminate these animals. When you have hired these services, you will need to be sure to stay as far from the traps that have been placed as possible. Otherwise, you could disturb these traps so that they may fail to work correctly or you may leave a scent that alerts the wild hogs to avoid the area.

For more information, contact a wild hog removal service near you.

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