4 Ways To Keep Mosquitos Away

Mosquitoes can really prevent you from enjoying your outside space. If mosquitoes are driving you inside and preventing you from enjoying your yard, you are going to want to work to keep them away from your property.

Spray Your Foliage

If you want to keep the mosquitoes away, there are sprays that you can apply to your yard and surrounding foliage that will repel the mosquitos and drive them away from your property.

With these sprays, it is best to contact a pest or mosquito control company and have them come out and spray your home. They are specifically trained on how to apply the treatment in a manner that is both effective and safe, without causing harm to your property or other animals on your property. The application of insecticide can be safe when it is applied professionally.

Treat the Water

If you have small pools of water on your property, such as a small pond, you don't have to get rid of the pond. Instead, you can get the pond water treated. You can have a pest control specialist apply a treatment to the water that will suffocate the larvae on the pond's surface. This will prevent the mosquitoes from breeding on your property and allow you to enjoy a pond or body of water on your property without worrying about the mosquitos.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Next, you will want to get rid of standing water on your property, as standing water attracts mosquitoes, as they like to breed in water. Even just a small amount of water is all that a mosquito needs to breed.

Getting rid of standing water, such as turning over kids' pools, furniture, and other items that allow water to accumulate, will help alleviate mosquitoes on your property. The less standing water, the fewer places they have to flourish. 

Trim Foliage

You will also want to trim foliage on your property, as mosquitoes like to hang out in the shade. Mow your grass regularly and keep it short. Trim and prune the foliage around your home. Eliminate small areas of shade where mosquitoes can gather. Staying on top of yard care can help to reduce the presence of mosquitos on your property. 

When it comes to enjoying your outdoor space, you need to get rid of the mosquitoes. You can do this by having a pest control company spray your foliage and treat any ponds or water sources on your property. Get rid of other sources of standing water, and trim foliage, keeping things short.

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