The Dos And Don'ts Of Skunk Removal

Skunks are peaceful and aren't likely to bite, but the smell of the skunk's spray can be overwhelming. If you are concerned about a skunk population on your property, it's a good idea to hire skunk removal services so you can avoid one of several common mistakes. 

Don't Close Off a Skunk Den

A skunk will usually sleep in a den during the day and will be more active at night. However, if you find an entrance to a skunk den, you will not want to close the entrance off. You might create a larger mess and you might cause the skunks to die. This can then lead to terrible odors. However, if you work with a skunk removal service, they will be able to seal the opening after they have removed the skunks.

Don't Try to Remove the Skunks Yourself

You will not want to try to catch skunks on your own because wild animals can be unpredictable. Instead, you will want to hire a professional who will know the most effective way to trap and remove a skunk. 

Do Be Careful Relocating the Skunks

After the skunk has been trapped, they will need to be relocated. The skunk will leave the cage to move away from the cage instinctively and will figure out where to go. However, they will need to be moved far enough away to where they won't want to come back and use your home as a safe haven. The skunk removal service will be able to remove the skunk in a way that is humane. 

Don't Use Inhumane Traps

There are some traps that can be purchased at a store that might be able to remove a skunk but will also be very inhumane such as sticky traps or traps that are simply not humane. Once the skunks have been removed, there are more humane ways that you can make sure that the skunks will not return.

Do Use Repellents to Deter Future Skunks

You can use several types of repellants to reduce the odds that skunks will want to live on your property. For example, skunks have a very good sense of hearing and there are ultrasonic skunk repellant devices that create a high-pitched sound that can be annoying to skunks. There are also pellets that smell terrible to skunks and can be used to deter them from coming onto your property. Then, your property can be skunk free.

For more information on skunk removal services, contact a company like Elite Wildlife Control.

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