Wild Mice Control For Your Kitchen

Sealing cabinets, using effective storage methods, and investing in traps and deterrents can cull a wild mice infestation. Wild mice are small in size and only require a minimal amount of food each day to thrive. Follow the tips below to control the mouse population that you have discovered within your kitchen.

Food Sources And Nesting Areas

Adequate food sources and favorable nesting areas will attract wild mice. Although wild mice may seem to be focused on staying within the kitchen, the population may expand and move to other parts of your home, if you do not get a handle on the problem now. All food sources should be assessed.

Do you leave fresh produce, bread, and other foods out that the mice have access to? Are your trash removal strategies solid? Make changes if needed. First, clean out all of the kitchen cabinets and invest in accessories that are designed to seal the entry point to each cabinet. The addition of a simple door closure locking system can prevent mice from being able to enter each cabinet.

Purchase food storage bins and consider moving your household waste can to an area that won't be out in the open. Nesting areas may include the corner of a countertop, shelving, and other surfaces that provide a warm, private area. Toss out any boxboard products and other waste that a mouse could essentially use as a source for building a nest.

Traps And Deterrents

Using consistency when trapping and deterring mice will help you slowly, yet effectively, minimize the mouse population. If you are squeamish about mice, hiring a pest control company will aid with implementing the pest control process. A pest control technician can handle everything from supplying and setting traps to disposing of the wild mice that they capture. They will also be able to recommend commercial-grade products or natural products that are designed to deter mice.

Many products that will ward off mice won't emit an offensive scent that will be bothersome to you. It is best to consult with a technician about the control mice removal efforts since a technician will be aware of products that will be safe to use in a kitchen. All of the products that you are advised on will be ones that can safely be used while you are preparing or serving food. You may need to reapply deterrents on more than one occasion until you no longer see wild mice in your home.

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