Squirrel Removal Services That Get Rid Of An Annoying Squirrel That's Living In Your Attic

It's not always as easy as you might think to get a squirrel out of your attic, especially if you don't want to hurt it. If you just want the squirrel out of your house, you can call a pest control or animal control company that offers squirrel removal services. Here are some ways they might help if your attic has a squirrel problem.

Put A Live Trap In The Attic

The squirrel might leave your attic during the day when it's hot and come back in the cool of the evening. When your attic is vacant, the squirrel removal service can set up a live trap to catch the squirrel when it comes back.

The animal control professional can then check the trap the next morning to see if the squirrel was caught. If the squirrel goes in the trap, you'll be able to get it out of your house, but the squirrel may continue to hang out in your yard if it's released on your property.

In addition to removing the squirrel, the animal control professional may also seal up the entry hole the squirrel was using so it can't get back inside. If the squirrel was in the attic for a long time, or if you had several squirrels, the attic may be contaminated.

The squirrel removal service might offer decontamination services that get your attic cleaned up so you don't have to deal with the contamination yourself.

A One-Way Door May Be Needed Instead

If the squirrel won't go in the trap, the animal control professional might need to set up a one-way door over the entry hole. This will let the squirrel leave in the morning, but it won't be able to get back into your attic when it returns.

Once the squirrel is blocked from getting back inside, the one-way door is removed and the hole can be sealed over. The squirrel might try gnawing their way inside by creating a new hole, so you'll need to discuss whether it's safe to leave the squirrel on your property.

Deterrents Might Be Put In Your Yard

When the squirrel removal service traps the squirrel, they might let it out on your property if you want or they may take the squirrel elsewhere. To keep the squirrel from being an ongoing problem, you may need to chase it from your yard. For starters, stop leaving out bird food or pet food that the squirrel likes to eat.

Try setting up flashy things that blow in the wind like aluminum pie pans and windsocks. You might also try things that turn on when the squirrel gets close such as a sprinkler that gets the squirrel wet. If you make your yard annoying and remove food, the squirrel might decide to move on and you won't have to worry about it getting in your attic again.

However, the squirrel removal service may want to remove the squirrel from your property and release it somewhere else instead to ensure it won't be a nuisance indoors or outside any longer.

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